Dear native speakers or teachers,

please check my text. I don´t find a better option to express this:

"Messe´s authorities require from us a certificate declaring (or proving)? that the the material provided by us is according to the DIN 2345 in order to guarantee fire safety"

I m so unsure about the last part of this sentence!!


I would say "Messe's authorities require a certificate stating that the materials provided by us meets the DIN 2345 regulations regarding Fire Safety."
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Hi Dave,

thank you!! This is really enough for me :-) Good suggestion.

Just few questions :

"To state" is the correct verb to use in this case? Are the ones I used totally wrong in this sentence?
You wrote " the materialS provided by us meetS" why did you add "s" for the third person here? materials is plural..


Your verbs weren't wrong I just simplified the sentence. Your correct, I didn't mean to put an s on both. I thought that you may be supplying more than one material and then got distracted on a call and refered back to your version where it was in the singular as I finished the sentence.
Thank you Dave.
You were of help :-)

Have a nice day!

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