His first big break in journalism came when he was promoted to writing obituaries for the local newspaper.

What does the above sentence mean? " first big break in journalism came...."?? Don't quit get it.
Aw, common, gimme a break!

Boy, what a lucky break. I just won the Lotto!

Geez, it's about time I got a break! (not a work break, as in "take a break!")

A big break is a great opportunity which comes your way, or falls in your lap.

(Don't quit quite get it.)
It has nothing to do with sex.
It just means that you didn't do any hard work or effort to get the job.
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falls in your lap??

Do you mean like " to get lucky? or to get laid ? To have sex with someone else?

Are you saying " a big break " = " a great oppurtunity" = " get lucky" = " get laid"??
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