I have been trying to locate a site that would allow me to translate the following first names into their Italian translation. They are: Cathi

I hope someone might be able to help me. Thanks.
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I wish I could help you out here as it's such an interesting question!

I can help you with Steve, Italians would say: Stefano.

I'm sure someone will eventually help you out.
A lot of these are dimunitives so you'd have to translate the full name.

Cathi is for Catherine/Katherine.

Vicki is Victoria

Linda is Spanish for "pretty", you'd just have to translate that to Bella, but that is sort for Isabella which is Elizabeth in English, so that might not work for you.

Sue is Susan. Susanna?

Lynn is an Irish name. Not sure what it means and how to make it suitable for translating it into Italian.

Sandy is short for Alexander or Alexandria

Candy I have no clue about. Candace?

Ross is Scottish and maybe you could find out what it means in English and translate that word.

William is a Gothic (Frankish, Visigoth, etc.) name. I don't know if it exists in Italian. (French Guillaume, German Wilhelm)

Larry is Lawrence/Laurence.

Ron is Ronald. Another Gothic name.

Dale ?!?! Maybe a Welsh name. It does mean valley, so I suppose you could translate it that way.

Ken is for Kenneth. Another Celtic (Scottish) name. Can't remember what it means.
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Cathi (Catherine)= Caterina
Vicki (Victoria) = Vittoria
Linda = in Italian (not only in Spanish) means "clear / pretty / nice". "Linda" as female name is used also in Italian. "Bella" is a different name, and it correspond to "Isabel" or "Arabel"
Sue (Susan) = Susanna
Sandy = Alessandro (masculine); Alessandra (feminine)
Candy = Candida (is a bit unusual name, anyway, quite old-fashioned)
Steve = Stefano
William = Guglielmo
Larry = Lorenzo
Ron = Ronaldo
Dale / Ken / Lynn / Ross = There is no translation, for they are not-latin names

Hope it's useful.

Has anyone found a website for first name translated into Italian? The name I am looking for is not here. Thank you.
How would you translate Emily Marie into Italian. If anyone could help me out that would be great Because, Im using it on one of my art projects. So if someone could get back to me as soon as possible that would be even greater.
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could you translate ny name kristelle in italian?? thankyou!! god bless
I think names shouldn't be translated... I don't know the translations, and I don't want to know them, they don't make much sense. William = Guglielmo? And what's Willy then? Tom? Bob? Rob? I just think William is William, Guglielmo is Guglielmo, there's no reason to pretend to translate. Emotion: smile
I agree - it is better not to try and translate them.
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