Just wanted to introduce myself properly...
So, well, I'm Manou, I live in Paris and just discovered this amazing forum by accident yesterday.
My hobbies: I love reading american comic books, mangas, watching dvds (in original languages, and since a lot of movies come from the US, it helps improving my englishEmotion: wink ), and I used to be a big video game player (no time now, it's depressing to grow older and older, having to go to work and all "adult" stuff...). I hope I'll improve my english a lot by being a member of this forum...

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Welcome manou - and thanks for the photo - it's great. What does your signature mean?
Just a big fan of Tony Parker, the only french successful player in the NBAEmotion: wink
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Welcme Manou. Forgive my ignorance what is mangas.
Hallo Manou ! i also speak French (I'm from Belgium (Liège))...

A Manga is a japanese comic book like Dragon Ball Z, Saint Saya, Hellsing, etc. But there are of cours lot of different manga and not only from Japan... (I think Asian People are more capable of giving you all the nuances and maybe some piece of advice to choose a Manga)
Good explanation!

Read for instance Mangas like Vagabond, I'll, or Say Hello to Black Jack and you'll see why these are truly great pieces of art!
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Hey manou
How is Paris?? I miss so much not being there right now, spring and summer in Paris are my favorite time to stroll there and enjoy the City!!
Cheers from a French girl!!
Paris is coolEmotion: wink
Well it's a little cold these weeks, but yeah, walking around is a great way to discover some georgous details. I still find some streets I never saw before, and it's just amazing to see all the different areas...
And I'm going to the Parc Asterix this week-end with friends, I so hope we'll have a odd weather...
Have fun there!!
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