Good evening all. Excellent site. I'm looking forward to correcting lots of essays in the near future and keeping in touch with ex-Elanguest students.

I'd like to propose an addition to this site. How about having a WORD OF THE DAY section where an utterly useless word could be submitted on a day to day basis.

For example, a word I came across this morning - (do not ask me how) was:


There is a beer on offer for the first correct definition!

On a more serious note, a big well done to all those involved in this project,

Chris you're a genius. You're also a moderator so yep..

To moderate or not to moderate, that is the question. I think unmoderated for now, unless we get loads of dirty words!

I'll make the section, I have about a gjillion words in mind.. I'll post yours firstEmotion: smile

The collecting of cards, usually picture postcards!

I'll hold you to that beer...
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
I think i got there first. beers for hitchhiker...

New forum up and running..

By the way..... that beer was a virtual one!!! Nevertheless, well deserved!