1 2 3 4 5 6 If we call 1 the first one,6 the last one,then how do we call 5? Thanks~
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The penultimate? The second before last?
Or simply "the before last figure" ?
Or maybe you could say "the last but one figure" ?
The problem with the latter is that it gets weird saying "the last but one one" whereas "the second before last one" or the "before last one" would probably work...
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I usually say "second to last"
VorparI usually say "second to last"
Me, too.
I usually say 'next to last'

From Cambridge:
next to last adjective
describes the person or thing before the last one:
I was next to last in the steeplechase.
He injured himself on the next-to-last day of his vacation.
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Me, too, again...

and even-- 'the second last'.
Thx all!~^^
I would say "the next to last." "The second last" makes no sense to me, and if I heard "second to the last" I would probably think it meant the one before the "next to last."
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