How do you communicate with a fish?
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nothing wrong wih a bit of salmon, with a little holandaise sauce, some runner beens done in butter and a little cream, and maybe some gratin potatoes- good choice maj. this hasn't much to do with the subtle complexities and nuances of the English language does it? however, i think we can all agree that every now and then, a nice bit of fish, grilled, poached, fried, or maybe even tossed on a barbeque can do wonders for the spirit. personally i believe fish to be much maligned in society today, what with the talk of their short-term memory difficulties, problems with bladder control, and, some might even venture, beady little eyes. It is my firm belief, however, that one day the fish will rise again, and these noble creatures will claim their rightfull place in the world. Call me a dreamer, but i envision a future in which the entire political process could be revolutionised by the introduction of fish to key positions of power within our society, I, for one, recently voted for a nice piece of hallibut in our local by-elections, and, though admitedly we suffered quite a severe defeat at the ballot-box, i still strongly believe in our cause. keep the faith.
Fish ball
Fish bar
Fish beam
Fish crow
Fish culture
Fish day
Fish fall
Fish garth
Fish glue
Fish joint
Fish kettle
Fish ladder
Fish line
Fish louse Fish meal
Fish oil
Fish owl
Fish plate
Fish pot
Fish pound
Fish slice
Fish slide
Fish sound
Fish story
Fish strainer
Fish trowel

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Fish smell ...
fish wife...
fishy fish fish.....
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Thanks Tom, that was the 10,000th postEmotion: smile (Including all that have been deleted etc..)
excellent, not the most prestigious of entries, however, it was made from a terminal in the British national archives, the daddy of all our libraries, so i guess that gives 'fishy fish fish' perhaps just a touch more intellectual weight and splendour. Don't know how to put the little pictures and faces in, but ' thumbs up'
cod you please stop this fishy business. You've given me a haddock!!!!!!!!!!
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good god
we must stop this now, we're moving into the hitherto uncharted land of the pun. 'tis a strange land wher all manner of beguiling creatures roam willy nilly collecting fresh meat for their leader, the fabled Richard Whitely. Be on your guard.
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