`fish' is countable or uncountable noun?

Can we say, fishes.
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Fish is countable when speaking of the animals; the plural is normally the same (one fish, two fish), but fishes is also a plural, and is used mostly when speaking scientifically of different kinds.

When discussing food, fish is an uncountable ingredient: there is a lot of fish in this chowder.
is fish countable or uncountable?
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I'm about to lose a bet here and it's going to cost me if you're right.

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What precisely is the substance of your wager?
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Fish is both countable and uncountable.

All bets should be called off.

A particular type of fish in a heap, say Tilapia, is uncountable. Therefore, I understand, it can't be pluralised. A student asked me how he could order three from the heap? Three fish or three fishes?
Three tilapias.
Three fish.
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