Happy New Year, eveyone!

I am working at a Japanese sushi restaurant over the holidays.

In the sushi training, there is a plate of 'fish egg'.

Customers asking what it is, and I tell them it's kind of 'fish egg', then they say something starting with 'C'. I think it was 'cavi' somthing which I can't recall now.

The colour of the eggs are a bit red, and it's normally placed on the top of a rolled sushi.

Could anyone guess what it is?

Thanks in advance.
Caviar ?
All fish eggs are roe, but [true] caviar is specifically the roe of the female sturgeon and some other large fishes.

I would think what you find in the Japanese restaurant is roe from any of a number of different fish species. The red roe is likely to be Tobiko [flying fish roe]
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It was 'cavier'.

I looked up the dictionary, yes, it's got the right meaning.

Now I finally figure out what word I can use for it.

It was 'cavier'. caviar

Something slipped out of your brain between looking it up in the dictionary and writing it down in your post!!!
Could it have been the letter a??? Emotion: smile

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What about 'roe'?

Is there any difference in meaning?
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