I'm sorry but what does it mean? Emotion: smile

"I don't know. It's all been said.
You can talk here for ever.
It's still the same thing.
This kid is five for 0.
Well, look at his record.
When he was 10, he was in children's
court: He threw a rock at a teacher.
When he was 15, he was
in reform school: He stole a car."

It's from 12 Angry Men.
I'm guessing

This kid will get 5 years (in jail) for nothing. (because of his criminal background).
AnonymousI think five for 0 means Good for Nothing.
What makes you think that?

(The words are actually spoke as five for oh )
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I think it should read "zero for five". He has had bad luck/experiences/decisions all five times.
I think five for 0 means Good for Nothing.
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