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What's differnece between: Five-minute & Five minutes. I mean their use in sentences.

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Bbk_agpWe learnt that after "a ten-minute" a noun will come.
That's true, but there may be another word or two in between.
Bbk_agpHow we can use verbs after this phrase?
You can't. "a ten-minute" would not be followed by a verb.
Bbk_agpI thought by adding "ing" to verb we make it noun form of verb
In general, yes, but not all verbs with 'ing' can be used that way idiomatically.

what is correct to say? five minutes is over or five minutes are over let us clean up
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Bbk_agpThe book says:
Ten minutes by car // a ten-minute_________
Now what should be written in the blank and why?
Ten minutes by car
Ten minutes by car
  1. five and I have a good idea of the difference. is the best one
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