here is a post from warcraft forum

Q u o t e:
He is the best. We should all use him instead of Archmage.
Mountain King + 3 foots > Demon Hunter

what does fixed mean? does it mean this is what it ought to be, no more arguement?
I have no idea what 'fixed' is doing, isolated in the lower left corner of your quote (isn't it?). Nor do I know what archmages, mountain kings, tripods or demon hunters could be.
"fixed" means in many situations "corrected"
perhaps the editor of that text made some changes to it
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oh, you don't play warcraft 3.

well, Mountain King and Demon hunter are two heros in warcraft you can choose to play. "foots" refers a regular type of unit--footman

the poster is argueing that with three footmen, Mountain King can beat Demon hunter easily.
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