Which one is correct?

The meeting was fixed at 2 PM?
The meeting was fixed on 2 PM?
The meeting was fixed for 2 PM?

fixed at 2 PM
scheduled for 2 PM


I think it if OK to use 'fixed for'. I've extracted the following examples from books.google.com.

Rogues in the Gallery: The Modern Plague of Art Thefts‎ - Page 202

by Hugh McLeave - Law

... arrangements for the meeting place; they could meet, he said, ... which he
would name. Finally, the meeting was fixed for on April 10. ...

Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry‎ - Page 44

by Society of Chemical Industry (country-region style="">) - Chemistry, Technical - 1940

The date of the next meeting was fixed for on .
Microbiological Panel. Meeting at House, , Wednesday, ...

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Yoong LiatI think it if is OK to use 'fixed for'
Yes, I think that might work. I think fixed at [ a certain time ] is better, though.

Thanks, CJ.
I think it if is OK to use 'fixed for'.

Thanks, CJ, for pointing out the above careless mistake.

Thanks also for confirming that 'fixed for' is fine.
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The meeting was fixed on 2 PM?

a kindjal fixed to my belt, or fixed at ? on ?

fixed at 2PM

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