Choose the correct item.
(Warning: As it's meant as a preparation exercise for the CPE, it's difficult! ... so don't worry about your score Emotion: wink)


1. During winter the shelters are full of people of no fixed .

2. Until your finances are in the , it's not a good idea to take out a loan.

3. The matter has been left in until the legal ramifications have been explored.

4. It was an extremely hostile article which cast on the conduct of the entire cabinet.

5. Could I pick your on the subject before the meeting?

6. I'm not sure I can answer that. I've only thought about it in the before.

7. You'll never convince me! We'll just have to to disagree.

8. The entire staff was thrown off when the news of the takeover was announced.

From: Evans, V. (2002) CPE Use of English 1 for the Revised Cambridge Proficiency Exam: Student's Book. Express Publishing.
It's incredible!
Thanks a lot. The way to show a direction for improving.Emotion: smile

Your first sentence contains two "the" standing "cheek by jowl". I think you want to divest the sentence of one of them Emotion: smile

On the whole the test looks quite formidable ! 
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MrPernicketyYour first sentence contains two "the" standing "cheek by jowl".
Right you are! Thank you very much, I've just fixed it. Emotion: smile
Apparently I got the first one wrong. I don't think a native speaker would differentiate between abode, home, domicile, and residence in that one.

How did you all do?
Hi GG,

I always think of 'of no fixed abode' as a standard, fixed phrase. Google seems to agree.
Perhaps its a BrE thing, or a generational thing?

Happy Holidays, Clive
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Oh, that could be! A regional difference. (Since we're "of an age" I don't think it's generational!)

We talk about "primary residence" and "permanent residence" but I have no collocation with the word "abode."
Damn! Can't believe I got the first one wrong! 7 out of 8 Emotion: sad
i'm good in american easy english not this english english Emotion: big smile
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