I've got to admit that the fact that there are still people who believe in Flat Earth is baffling to me.

I can't understand the reason behind that conviction; why does such a belief still exist in XXI century?

Can the inexplicable logic be explained?

There are many irrational beliefs among the people of this world. They are not founded upon scientific evidence.

Many believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old, and that a great flood created the Grand Canyon in just a few days. Some believe they were abducted by aliens. It just boggles the mind.

As there are doubts human landed on the moon, based in many interesting facts, such why donsen't human try again to land?

I feel topics like these intentionally left controversially.

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Why don't humans try again to land?

Been there, done that. The moon is well-studied and not very interesting for scientific discovery. It has little of commercial value and no atmosphere. It is uninhabitable. Why waste the money?

The next target for exploration is Mars!

It's a social phenomenon.

How do we know the earth is not flat? Well, first of all, you can see it on aerial/satellite photography. Then, you can get a sense of it on a flight travel when you are flying close to the north pole and are crossing several time zones within an hour. With a solid understanding of high school physics (Newtonian gravity), you understand that a flat earth would imply a gravitational force with a horizontal component directed towards the center as you approach the boundary (unless the earth is much, much greater in height than in diameter). (I would like to point out that Newton's law of gravitation is very well verified, see e.g. Cavendish's experiment). Finally, there is Foucault's pendulum... ond probably much more.

The point is: If you want to prove the earth is round, you need resources and you need some understanding of physics. Or you need some trust in science. And the latter is the critical point. Certain people feel (perhaps rightfully) disenfranchised by politics and society. Their common sense tells them that the earth must be flat because it looks flat, nothing more to say.

It's in a way comparable to global warming. Can you prove it at home? No. To the very same group of people it thus appears as though there was no evidence at all, and the staggering evidence that computer simulations produce is null and void to people who see in computers a threat to mankind or a means of manipulation or a diabolical temptation or whatever.

More fundamentally, trust in logic is learned, as is trust in a god. When peoole grow up in their simple world only with the latter, but not with the former, it's hard to convince them otherwise.

conorofacts, such why donsen't human try again to land?

That's fairly simple. It was extremly dangerous and extremely expensive. The first landings were part of a race with the Soviet Union. The subsequent missions were less and less popular and became a fairly meaningless money-pit.

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conorowhy donsen't human try again to land?

The Chinese are trying to land a craft on the far side of the moon.