Hi there!
I'm a Spanish telecommuter working for a US company and hence with an American boss, so I think I'll often use this awesome forum to clear up idioms and pronunciation doubts...
Yesterday as I was having problems with my vpn software to connect to the corporate network, he recognised it was "pretty fleaky".. or flicky or whatever... I think I caught the meaning (unstable, slow...) but what's the exact word he pronounced as I can't find my best guesses in wordreference.com?
The above is just my 1st question; the other one is your opinion about the online translation site I use www.wordreference.com; I find it comes in pretty handy as the pronunciation is included, as well as 2 pieces of software allowing the browser for an immediate direct or reverse translation I need when surfing the web. However since the underlying database has switched from Collins to Espasa I find it less powerful... what's your outlook on this and if a better bet is recommended?
HI, I would bet he said, "That is freaky." Meaning, that he didn't understand it either...."very strange."
Thanks barbcslp, that helped!!

...and by the way and again to any member who can advise as for the 2nd part of my question; I've tried to double check "freaky" to learn a bit more in wordreference, and it just doesn't appear its translation to Spanish... any recommendations?
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Too many years, but the words is FLAKY.
vmtnezgilI think I caught the meaning (unstable, slow...) but what's the exact word he pronounced
flaky = unstable, unpredictable.

I'm not familiar with translation sites, so I can't help you on that one.

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This is pretty old, but for anyone who was wondering I would be he said "flaky" (pronounced flay-kee) It's a slang term meaning unreliable. I doubt that it was freaky, especially since Spanish speakers are able to easily hear the difference between l and r.

Urban Dictionary definition for flaky: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=flaky

See especially number 5.

My husband is American and he says is flaky the word! I have same problem as you because I know the meaning but spelling it and pronouncing it is hard.