This is part of a football match report:
'Tommy Smith had headed the Rams into the lead on 17 minutes after new signing Grzegorz Rasiak FLICKED ON.'
Below is another reference to that goal:
'Headed goal by Tommy Smith (Derby) (top-left of goal) from left side of penalty area (6 yards).Derby 1-0 Wigan. Assist (pass) by Grzegorz Rasiak (Derby) from left side of penalty area.'

What does 'flicked on' mean? Does it imply that Rasiak had just received a pass himself? Or is it just a synonym for 'passed the ball'?
flick-on (plural flick-ons)

noun Definition:

flick of ball to teammate:
in soccer and field hockey, a light touch on a moving ball with the foot, head, or stick intended to guide it toward a teammate


Here, it's the name of a city.

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Yes you are very close with passed the ball. The description " FLICKED ON" is the manner it was passed. The ball was passed by the foot lightly lifting the ball in the air. I hope this explains the meaning.
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What does "Derby" mean?

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