How to improve my speakiing english.
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You can start by reading this thread: I Want To Be Fluent English Speaker How Please?.
iam intrested to talk english but i do know english. how i can talk english fluently please tell me
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Anonymousiam intrested to talk english but i do know english. how i can talk english fluently please tell me
Hi Anon,

If you are not an English speaking native, like I was, speaking fluent English is definitely a challenge. Your said that you don’t know English. If this is true, it may even be more of a remote possibility. You can’t just expect fluency to materialize from asking. From personal experience, English learning ’s a long process. First you need to learn the English basics. Start with correct grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and usage. You will need these elements to develop your English foundation on which you build you writing and oral skills. No one can run before learning how to walk! And there is no magic wand, nor there is short cuts in English but only with patience and hard work that we can achieve the ultimate goal- fluency with English..
Hi, Goodman!
If you are not an English speaking native, like I was, speaking fluent English is definitely a challenge.

I'm sorry, but questions were evoked.

Question one: did you intend to say "like I am"? Because one's native language couldn't change with experience.

Question two: like I am = like I'm not either ?? or like I am = like I am an Englsih speaking native ??

If the first one is the case, is it a standard way (which I mean "not" is omitted) to express that?

[From the context I guessed you were saying you were not an English native speaker, But so far you have given us (well, at least me) an impression that your English is very fluent. Could you tell us your mother tongue? And how many years have you been leaning English (of course besides other subjects).]


Thanks for your comment.

It wasn’t my interest or my goal in life to learn English but I had to learn it to survive as I painfully realized not long after I arrived this country. It became apparent to me that unless I was content with working in Chinese restaurants or grocery stores ten hours day with sweat pay in , I had to learn English.

My mother tongue is Cantonese which most of us know has absolutely no similarity with English in sound, shape or form. I must confess that my English is no where near perfection but I am still working on refining it. As far as spoken English goes, I feel comfortable enough to say that I am qualified to be in the "fluent" category. My learning technique was to emulate the way natives speak and how they modulate the intonation . Most learns, especially Asians, have very challenging problems with spoken English because of pronunciation, accents and translating thought from their own language into English. Of course I can appreciate the frustration for I had experienced it.

All together, I have been seriously learning for about 20 years. The key, I feel, to effectively improve our English in general is to increase exposure, especially with oral English. To eliminate the thought translation process, we must learn to adapt to compose our thought in English. I don’t think anyone can speak fluently without this ability. But that’s only me speaking from my own experience.

Through my profession, I have worked and dealt with a lot of Mainland and engineers over the years. As a result, I also learn to speak Putungua (for those who don’t know the difference between Mandarin and Putungua, there is practically none) quite well by the way. I can understand 90% of news cast in Putungua and effectively communicate on a decent level.

For the past 10 years, I've discovered a lot about myself. I like to learn period. Among other interests, I’ve become interested in learning other languages. But learning a new language requires more than a spark of interest. It takes dedication and patience which are wearing thin and in short supply.

If you are not an English speaking native, like I was, speaking fluent English is definitely a challenge. As to your revocation, in principle, I am willing to say you have a point. But after reading it again a few more times, I'd agree say it was more of a mental error on my part, rather than a grammatical error. So I would rephrase it and stand corrected.

If you are not an English speaking native, as it was in my case, speaking fluent English is definitely a challenge.

I hope now it make more sense?
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Thank you for your sincere comments.

I could picture a vivid image in my mind of an Asian working hard in North America after reading the above post.Emotion: star

I wish you could finally emerge into the main-stream culture after all these years’ efforts and live a happy life in the beautiful country at the other end of Atlantic.Emotion: paradise

Thank you for your constant responses to my puzzles so far.

And I'm eagerly to learn from you at this great forum in the future.Emotion: smile

Thank you again!!!

Thanks for your kind and encouraging comments. Whether it was main-stream or not, it was not my original plan. My initial intent was to learn enough English to get out of the typical mode of working for Chinese sweat shops and the invisible walls of for which I had done so but I took it a step further.

I’ve come to believe that whether we are living in another country or in our motherland, a lot of people do not fully exploring their potentials. I personally feel that we can do a lot more than what our environment lead us to believe. I’ve considered myself very fortunate to have discovered the potential hidden in me and felt grateful for the opportunities. I am not much of a motivational speaker but I always try to tell the new comers that we’ve come to this country to make a better life. for ourselves and for our children But it won’t fall from the sky onto our hands. Immigrants have to work and twice as hard to get it because we have to overcome the language barrier. So if we want it, we’ve got to make the sacrifice and do whatever it takes to overcome the barriers and learn this language. My young brother wanted to be a doctor when he was going to highschool. Today he is a ER surgeon. If we believe it's a Cinderella story, it will reamin so in our lives. But we have the potentials to make a Cinderella story come true if we are determined enough.

Yes. You will when you BELIEVE Emotion: starEmotion: starEmotion: starEmotion: starEmotion: star
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