Hi , i'm a 24 year-old moroccan.I have been studying english for almost 8 years.In this period of time i have succeeded somehow to become fluent at speaking english.Besides, all people that come to hear me speak, they say that my accent sounds like native's. however, my problem is when i come to write; don't feel satisfied with the way i experess myself on papers.Can you please help me SOLVE THIS PROBLEM ? or at least understand this situation?.I feel confused and disappointed.Thanks in advance.


blessings to all and merry christmas.
That is interesting indeed. Some possible reasons:

1. Lack of practice--you speak more often than you write.

2. You may have trouble organizing thoughts on paper. (Speaking takes less organization)

3. You may be writing as you speak it (which could be a problem if you do academic writing)

I'm just guessing, of course.
Learning another language is so hard!! I encourage you with the thought that it takes a really long time. It is awesome that you can speak English so well with only almost eight years of teaching. Think of your accomplishments instead of limitations. Speaking well is so important, and you have mastered that. Continue to work hard. You will get to the point where you feel comfortable with your writing! Good luck!
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