I was recently intrigued by an article with the story of former tennis pro Monica Seles and her on-court attack. The article mentioned a song by the Young Elders(later renamed The Monicas) called Fly, Monica, Fly. It said the song even helped in Monica's recovery and return to tennis. Does anyone know where I can find this song and the original lyrics? Thanks so much in advance!
Hi Shi Aina

I am Peter who wrote this song. I hope you enjoy!

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Peace and blessings!

Pete Hz

Fly Monica Fly

Hi Monica hi, the world looks yours this morning
Hi Monica, hi, there's a new day in the dawning
You can set this world a jumping
You can hear their hearts a pumping
You can walk on water if your tried

Don't cry Monica, cry
The rain is gone and the sun is shining
Try Monica try
To see the cloud with the silver lining
You can wash away your tears now
You can wash away your fears now
You can watch the world go sliding by

I've been thinking about you, thinking about me
Thinking 'bout the price you pay, the price you pay to be free

Goodbye Monica, bye, your day is just beginning
Fly Monica, fly, the race is run and you are winning
There's a place for your ahead
Another place for you instead
'cause there's a new day dawning
there's a new day dawning
there's a new day dawning right outside

So fly, Monica fly, Monica fly Monica fly, Monica fly, Monica fly etc
Hi Peter,
Wow, it is so cool to hear from the songwriter himself! Did you get to meet with Monica Seles? This sounds like such a beautiful song! I would love to hear it, where could I find it? I'm sorry, your email was removed, but if you go to my profile and look under Info you can find my business email. This site doesn't allow emails in posts.
Thank you very much!
--Shi Aina
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Hi Shi Aina

I played guitar for Young Elders and contributed some parts of the music. Youc an listen to the song at http://www.myspace.com/peterheazlewood123 . We did meet Monica at the conclusion of the Australian Open which Monica won in 1996. Yous can see a photo of our meeting at

Cheers Phil H
Thank you so much Phil! The song was very moving and I really enjoyed the picture and accompanying article. It's like a dream come true because I always wanted to hear it and learn more about it. You guys are tops! Emotion: yes
Hi Peter I was looking up this song to is there any places I could go listen
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Shi, Still I remember Seles. And tears roll thru ny cheeks. She would have been the greatest player of tennis.

Salute to you for encouraging the greatest tennis player to cone back to the game and life.

Jobins Joseph,

Kerala, Melechinnar, Kottaram, India