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I applied for a job internally within the compliance department. At the moment I do administration but would like to move away from this and preferably into compliance. The position I applied for was 50% admin and 50% compliance. I had excellent feedback from both interviews (it was two stages before the decision was made) but was informed that the person chosen had some prior compliance knowledge (boooooo). At the interview it also became apparent the department was due to grow over the coming months to year. So, I wanted to say thanks and express my interest but what have so far sounds any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


"Dear ***,

Thank you to both *** and yourself for meeting with me. Although I was unsuccessful in regard to the above position I wanted to express that it was a pleasure to meet you both. If the department does grow further (as I'm sure it will) and a position becomes available that you think I may be suited to, please let me know.

Many thanks again for your time."
It doesn't sound rubbish at all.

Sounds fine to me as it is.

Thank you very much!Emotion: smile
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The letter sounds good to me as well.

Only one comment: I read someplace that we should not use abbreviations in formal letters, such as (I'm sure...), instead we use (I am sure...).

Best regards,

thank you so much.