Dear teachers and friends,

A couple of days ago, I attended an interview at Company ABC. The job scope and environment seems very interesting. After interview session, I sent them thank you letter thru email and they reply my mail a few hours later.

In their mail, they asked me to send my salary slip before they can make an offer since they haven’t see it during the interview session. Here is my draft to them. Kindly please proof read it. Your advice and suggestion would be very much appreciated.

Dear Mr. Name

Thanks for your email. Attached are the two of my past salary slips for the last two months as I started work here on February 2008. I will send salary slip for April on 26. I have also attached the copies my certificate for your reference and further action.

Thank you and best regards,
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Dear Mr. Name,

Thanks for your email. Attached are my salary slips for the last two months, as I started work here on February 2008. I will send my salary slip for April on the 26th. As discussed, I have also attached the copies of my certificate for your reference and further action.

Thank you and best regards,


Where I live, we call this 'a pay slip'.

Where I live, the idea of a new employer asking to see my pay slips from my last job seems very, very strange. They never do this. We see it as being none of their business.

Best wishes, Clive
Thanks Clive for your reply. I really appreciate it.
Yes it’s true, our pay slips is our private and confidential data. No one should see it unless in a few conditions. At my place where I live, normally bank will ask for three months salary slips if you want to make car or home loans. New employer also asks for it because they want to know what is your current salary so they can decide what is your next salary. Let say you said that your salary is 5k in the interview and they willing to give a 1k increment so it would make 6k. But how about if you’re lying during the interview and in fact, your salary just 2k. You just made a story to make sure you get better pay on the other job.
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Thanks for the information. May I ask what country you are in?

It's very different from how things are done in Canada. Here, they don't ask you your current salary at all. They just tell you how much they are willing to pay you based on their assessment of your skills. They sometimes ask you how much you want, and there can then be some negotiating, depending on the type of job involved.

Best wishes, Clive

seems very straange to me.
Hi Clive,

I’m not really sure about other countries whether they do the same practice or not. Currently I stay in Malaysia and get used to the system.

By the way, if you want to buy a house, normally bank need to see some kind of proof whether you are able to pay for it or not. If you cannot prove that you have stable financial status, they will not approve the loan application. How about in Canada? Is it easy to get home loan there?

Best regards,

Oh yes, they certainly enqiure into your finacial situation for bank loans, mortgages, etc.

But not for job applications.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks Clive for your reply. I have another question regarding this matter. They only asked for 3 months pay slip. But currently I only have two of them. I promise to them to send another pay slip because I only send two of them since I just start working here for 2 months. Now, I already have the third one. During the interview, they told me that the result for the interview will be known after 2 weeks. Today is the first week. Should I send email to them and asking the status. I don’t want to look too desperate to them even though I really want this job. I also worried if the expected salary that I put is too high.

Your advice on this matter would be most appreciated. Here is the email draft to them.

Dear George,

As promised, attached is my pay slip for this month. May I know what is the current status of my job application for the post Consultant at your esteemed established organization. (or is there any better idea to put this email in the most polite and better so the chance for me to get this job is high)

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks and best regards.
Hi Hampeh,

I think you should trust your own judgement in this matter. What you wrote seems adequate to me.

Good luck with the job.

CliveEmotion: smile
Emotion: smile
Thanks Clive for your prompt reply. I just want to check to make sure there are no grammar errors so it won’t make me bad on the first impression. After all, I still require advice from friends and other people who have more experience than me especially who are involved in this matter or have the same experience. Maybe I should wait an opinion from others before I make decision to send the email.
Thanks again and best regards
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