I am explaining a sequence of steps to be followed. What is the correct usage of the two:
To accomplish this, follow the below steps:

OR To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

I am told that I will have to retain the word "below" so no point in rephrasing. Kindly let me know the correct usage and the reason to substantiate.
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It's "the steps below". "below" and "above" in this context are generally post-nominal. It's a shortening of "the steps which are shown below".

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In this case, "below" is used as an adverb. It's typical to find notes like "see below" or "follow the steps below" meaning "look at something/the steps written right after".

Hope this helps!

Raul F. Rueda
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Can we use following below together
anonymous Can we use following below together


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Please follow the steps below

Please follow the below steps sent by the Director to prepare Octobers month Management Meeting reports

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