I don't understand the phrase "follow suit" in the sentence below.

One of the goals of the magician is to attain a perfect balance of these twin forces. When they become unbalanced, when one energy is more abundant or stressed, the magician follows suit.
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The expression comes from the rules of certain card games, where the next player must play a card having the same suit (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) as the previous card. It's generally used where one is required to do the same type of thing just done, or previously done - a sort of copy-cat routine.

But what does it have to do with the energy from my sentence?
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You don't give us a lot to go on, Newguest. What are the twin forces? It sounds as if there are two different sets of forces: one set which he can control and one set which he cannot. I would think that if he followed suit, then the imbalance would be increased, rather than corrected.

It sounds like a complicated deal. Can you give us more information?
Have a look at: http://books.google.pl/books?id=_EKNBrimresC&dq=cunningham%27s+encyclopedia+of+crystal+gem+%26+me...

page 14, third paragraph, it begins with the words: One of the goals..........
When the energies become imbalanced, the danger is that the magician will also become imbalanced [will follow suit] and this is dangerous for his/her health.
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Hi. thanks for your help.

Can you also have a look at the passage, on the same page, which begins with the words: When, and if you notice an imbalance in your energy make-up....... (it's the last but one paragraph from the bottom of the page)

I don't understand the part: ...to bring that force into play. What force? The force of these stones? or some other force?

Feebs' point makes sense. I had been thinking your quote meant the magician achieved his goal of perfect balance by following suit. That's exactly wrong. As Feebs' has clearly seen, the quote describes what happens when the magician fails to achieve his goal. This is the danger he faces.

More later. I haven't read your excerpt.
More later. I haven't read your excerpt.

All right. I'll wait. Emotion: wink
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