Is this sentence correct? Which preposition I should use here?

The patient requires follow up with/by a cardiologist.

Thank you!
No. In my opinion "Follow up" is misplaced there.

The patient requires another check-up by a cardiologist. (by/with both ok)
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It's not just one more check up. I wanted to say "he needs to be followed up by a community doctor for a long time (on a regular basis)"

So the expression is incorrect? I found it on this website. UCSF seems to be a trustworthy source.


The supervising physician will be contacted;

if the patient has disease that is clinically suspicious for cancer;

if the pap smear or histology results are unclear;

if the pap smear or histology diagnosis is cancer;

if the patient requires follow up that deviates from the clinical protocols;

if hemostasis cannot be achieved following the biopsy, or if a patient calls in complaining of uncontrolled bleeding or infection following a biopsy.

Hi Tiny,
I think this statement is frequently used in Healthcare domain. In my perception, there should be a hyphen in this regard. My suggestion is:

The patient requires follow-up with a Cardiologist.

Let us see the response from the senior members of this forum.


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The patient requires follow-up care/check-ups/consultations with his/her cardiologists.

If "follow-up" is used to encompass a package of medical services (check-ups, consultations, rehab etc) then the original sentence makes more sense to me.