Hi All

I had introduction meeting with a customer's manger, and I prepared a follow up thank you letter:

Dear xyz

it was a big pleasure to have this fruitiness meeting with you.

and in case you needed any support or have any issues you should expect a prompt action from my side.

and as agreed regarding the ABC project I'm looking to hearing a response from you before next Thursday.

thank you for your anticipation

Best Regards,

is the above email is ok, please advise if you have any other template for such type of emails!!

many thanks

I had an introductory meeting with a customer's manager, and I prepared a follow up thank you letter:

Dear Xyz,

It was a great pleasure to have such a fruitful meeting with you.

As agreed regarding the ABC project, I look forward to your response by next Wednesday. If you need any further support or have any issues where I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for meeting with me.

Best Regards,


I'm looking for a letter that I can email to clients after they requested a quotation. I alraedy send them the quotations, but still didn't get any feedback. Can anyone PLEASE send me a nice follow up letter after quotation has been send. Please forward the letter to my email adress. (Email removed)