don't undrestand this construction:

"Returns from the first (race) which were reinvested will be followed to on the second (race)."

What does "follow on mean", what is done to those returns. Does it mean something like "passed on".

Thank you.

It just seems wrong.
Perhaps it is some kind of busineess jargon. What is the context? What kind of races is the writer talking about?

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It is a general description, it can be horse or greyhound races.

Just sounds wrong to me.

Hello there,

I presume you mean by "returns", you mean winnings, or what you won on a bet you placed.

Therefore I presume that you invest your initial "winnings" on the second or so race.

It could be a multiple placed bet, where you place any won amount of money automatically on the next race, that is what I would call "following on".

Hope that helps some.
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Thanks, exactly!