What is the difference between "Following" and "Followings"?
Is the one with 's' a plural form of the one without?
Hence, which of the following(s?) are/is correct?

1. Followings are the points we have agreed:
- Blah
- Blah
- Blah...


2. Following are the points we have agreed:
- Blah
- Blah
- Blah...
Followings is wrong. Use following or the following.

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Wow.... Thanks Mister Micawber!
I didn't know that "followngs" is wrong .....because I often see people use the plural of "following" everywhere.....!!Emotion: surprise
I'm really glad I read this thread.

Thanks for raising the question, Anon Emotion: smile
I have the same questions. Thanks for asking them for me.
I still don't know whether it's correct to say: "The following is correct" or "The following are correct" especially if what comes as ennumeration contains more than one item.
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They are both correct. If there's only one item use is. If there are more than one use are.
AnonymousIf there's only one item use is. .
Please try to differentiate the words you are talking about from the advice you are giving:

If there is only one item, use 'is'.
If there is only one item, use is.
you can say:

social media following
or social media followings.
Like in the sentence: "We need to assess your social media followings first."
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why Followings is wong?

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