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My First Language Is Persian?

My first language is Persian and I'm learning English as the second language . When can I say I'm ready to learn the third language ? ( I like to learn Germany too )


I was abused as a child, and now he consequences of such abuse is that my brain is now trying to erase the memories from my mind. The brain has no control over what it chooses...

How Can I Improve My?

how can I improve my English within three months?

I Need Names For Two?

I need names for two groups of kids in monthly church event. One group is Pre K - 2nd grade and the other 3rd -5th grade. Any good ideas?

Hi Everyone, I'm New Here

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I still don't know much about this website.. so please tell me a little about it,

Anyone Know If Sony Mobiles

anyone know if Sony mobiles are better than samsung mobiles or not ??

I Have A Question A?

I have a question a bout the English language I want to know how old is it ? It is for my research could you please help me?

Hey Everyone, I Love Music.

Hey everyone, I love music. I speak english and live in the US. I'm here to help if anyone needs it. If you just wanna talk that fine too(:


I am new here..anybody wants my friend

Anyone's Studying German Or French

Anyone's studying German or French here? (:

Best Sports For Keeping Fit

hi,everyone! do you know what's the best sports to keep fit? jogging ? basketball ? yoga? though i am not fat, i still want to lose some weight. slim girls are more popular,isn...

Eating In The UK In The 50'S

EATING IN THE UK IN THE FIFTIES * Pasta had not been invented. * Curry was a surname. * Olive oil was kept in the medicine cabinet * Spices came from the Middle East where they...

Hi Everyone! I'm New In

Hi everyone! I'm new in this site and I am very much excited to learn and improve my english with your help guys.

Vicious And Dangerous Sports Should Be...

can any one give me some ideas about DANGEROUS SPORTS SHOULD BE BANNED??? because actually i think dangerous sports can be any sort , like football ,soccer.....people get crazy...

Make An Appointment For Chat & Write

Hi, I'm Jordi, from Spain, and a member of this site since last week. It's a nice site for learn English, and for talk and make friends, I think. I'm wondering if anyone wants...

Language Exchange Pen Pal

Hello, everyone. I am Wendy from mainland. Nice to meet you all. I am looking for a language exchange pen pal here. If you are native English speaker and interested in Chinese...

Hello, I Am New To?

Hello, I am new to this website. how it will work to perform your english skills explore with put side people?

Any One Know About Free

any one know about free group sms site...without having adds

Reprogram And Fix My English

Hey Guys I have an unusual problem. I'm an English speaking individual who lived in Canada for 23 years. It seems that when I learned English back then I took on very bad habits...

I Want To Improve My

i want to improve my pronunciation. i'm 39 years old. is it possible? or it's too late.

I Need To Improve My

i need to improve my talking and writing english, somebody help me?

Share The Most Embarrassing Moment You...

Mine was when my husband screamed at loud Infront of my in laws that why did I need to drive home? I got so embarrassed coz I asked him in a very low voice that I wanted to and...


i am a man from romania and i want to meet people who can help me to improve my english becouse soon i will go to work in london and i ll need to know to talk good/verry good...

Eid Eladha

Happy Eid 3lekom , kol 3am winto b5air yn3ad 3lekom bsi7a wsa3adi

I've Seen Many Alphabets And

I've seen many alphabets and know many of them. But when I switched thrue the languages in Wikipedia today I discovered this one: [link]/ I've never seen it before and my computer...
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