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Eid Eladha

Happy Eid 3lekom , kol 3am winto b5air yn3ad 3lekom bsi7a wsa3adi

I've Seen Many Alphabets And

I've seen many alphabets and know many of them. But when I switched thrue the languages in Wikipedia today I discovered this one: [link]/ I've never seen it before and my computer...

Survey For University Students

Dear university students, Please take our very short survey with only ten questions. We are especially looking for people who do not have English as their first language to answer...

Hi There I Hope I'll?

Hi there I hope I'll find what I looking for !! Be cose I'm so week of English

Study Partner?

Hi I am looking for a study partner for OET english exam.

Trading Spanish For English

Hello everyone. I am a native American and I am trying to exchange Spanish lessons for English. I anyone in exchanging messages?

Hi Peoples , I Look

Hi Peoples , i look for a good organisation,with them i can go to australia, england or new zealand for 2-3 months. ) i want live at a host family... and go at school:D it should...

I'm A New Guy

hi everybody, i'm from Danang Vietnam, i'm 28yrs, my talk skill english is poor so i hope everybody can help me to it tobe development, nice too meet evey body

Friend From Japan

i have a friend in japan, who has a hard time with English. together we are working on a Japanese game. Is there anyone out there who is from japan, or is excellent at reading...

What Do You Think About Iran?

Hi everybody. I'm so curious to know what people in the world think of My country? If it's possible, write your idea about Iran and let me to correct it if it's not true. thanks...

Looking For Help To Translate Englishforward

Hi all, second search post! We're looking for people to help us translate the EnglishForward interface into a non-English language (obviously). It's a fairly big but fun job...

Hello I'm Alex, I'm New?

Hello i'm Alex, i'm new here and i want to help me to improve my english and i want meet a people.I'm a profesionalist football player in my country.Thank's a lot!!! Sorry my...

U.S. Regional Dialect Survey

I wasn't sure where to post this -- but it's a really fascinating survey of regional (U.S.) differences in pronunciation and word usage: [link]

Why Do Some People Always?

Why do some people always get good results? Some clever people can get good results but why lazy people can't get good results?

Does Anyone Here Live Near Vencuber,Canada...

I'm visiting canada next month. and I need some infomation about where is really worth seeing. any advice? please write down as many as you can.


i would like to learn english , i need help .

Speaking Skill?

hello everybody !!! who know how to practice speaking skill in this web !! please help me !! I want to practice writing ang speaking skill!!!!

Tennis Player Injury

I may be wrong, but it seems to be that Rafael Nadal gets injured more than other top players, take Federer or Djokovic, for example. Is it his physique, or his playing style,...

Hello Friends, Can You Please

hello friends, can you please suggest me the best way to increase my communication skills

Tennis French Open

I've been peeved about the television work at the French Grand Slam. It isn't at all uncommon that when a player serves his first serve, the director chooses to show it from an...

What's Club In England Do You Support...

What's club in England do you support?

I Love To Learn English?

I love to learn English and meet friends from across the globe

A Question For All The Soccer Fans...

Like many children in my America, I played organized soccer, but not beyond the age of eight. I make an effort to watch the World Cup when it occurs, but do not watch soccer...

Try A Post?

anyone from mainland china here?

Introduce Myself

presently, I'm a student. I have been studying at nankai university for 2 years, and I'll graduate in 2 years
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