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Hi I'm looking for someone from India who would like to help me in promoting India in my school!

Hello Every One,I Am Newbie?

hello every one,I am newbie here so i am a little confused,I am here to find new friends and learn English,

E-Book From Young Author Scheme

Hi all, I have been enjoying reading a good e-book from Young Author Scheme. It is an interesting read with 2 minigames inside! Canine Messiah Written and illustrated...

Hinking And Mountaineering

Hi everyone. This is my first post, so i´m a begginer. I am an enthusiast of mountaineering, and I have thought to open a thread abount mountains, skying. I´m Spanish, and...

A Video Of Me Playing Chopin's Nocturne...

Some of you might remember - or might not as my last posts were from a long time ago - that I was into the piano but didn't have much time when I started working as a translator...

REALMADRID's Fans "Enter"

Hi ! friends , how are u?? i hope that you are ok , i am new here , i am the biggest fan for the great team REALMADRID ,i really love them but now Realmadrid is not ok and we...


who is the best soccer player in the world

Serena's Tantrums At US Open?

Did anyone watch her match against Kim Clijsters? What a bizarre way to end that match!

National Sport Of Your Country

Tell me your country name and national sport of your country.

Who Is A Gooner?

Hi,I'm a gooner,i love gunners.I wanna find somone likes Arsenal here. Hello,everybody,i'm new here,if you are a gooner,please chat with me! (Chinese girl,will be 15 in 4 days...

Sports Culture Around The World

I'm curious about sports culture around the world, as well as how persons from other countries view sport within the United States. When I was in high school I played for the...

I Think Arsenal Is The Best Team In English...

They are so young and energetic. And many cute sunshine boys. and basically, they play well. Display a higher level than any other teams of EPL. what do you say?

Who Love Basketball Just Reply This Post

I love basketball, just want to have friends on the same passion.

Extreme Sports

Hi to all fans of the extreme. Just out of pure curiosity. What extreme sports are you doing, for how long have you been doing it and what do you like about it. If you don't...

Answer Me

2 batsman are not out on 94 each. 2 balls remain. 7 runs needed for a win. Both batsmen score 100 & team wins. How?????????????

How To Do Nfl Jerseys Business

is a big country with various popular sports and American football is one of them. NFL, the National Football League, is the highest level of professional American football...

Poll: World Cup 2010 In South Africa

Yes, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is almost here. This is the EnglishForward official discussion thread to do with everything and anything about the tournament in South Africa this...

Favourite Sport

what is your favourite post

Fifa World Cup

hi im from california, US and im 12 (i no im young) and id like to meet new kids/teens from around the world. speaking of around the world, who's been following the fifa world...

Sachin Tendulkar On Twitting

whooh!, the little master on the twittering note . Fans like us got nice opportunity to know the mind great mastero

Who Is The Best Striker

who is the best striker in the world.

England Senior Team Is Lacking Something

England senior team doesn't have a fantastic goalkeeper why?  it has a fantastic defense and awesome midfielders and good strikers but what about the coach and goalkeeper????...

Do You Like Handball Or Other Ball Games...

I want to know something about other county's sport traditions...I will be great if you write me back:)

Handball Teams

Well , because I am very interested in handball i want to talk about this mind-blowing sport with you. Do you have any teams you prefer ? Which position do you play ? Are you...
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