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Mike I was alredy pretty famished Now I am off to have an Indian curry. Great food. Is that Pieanne's doing?
Hi David.
Yes the food at the beginning of the thread is from the south of France (where Pieanne lives), and the rest has kindly been sent from various countries around the world!
I'ts amazing that is still all so fresh when it gets here Emotion: big smile

How was the curry?
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The Indian curry as always remains my favourite food. In my student days in London that is what I most looked forward to. Next vietnamese and Italian. Must say I eat lots of Sushi. Food well cooked is a real joy. Had some lovely food in Germany two weeks ago. Keep well Mike.
Hi David! Do you know how to cook Indian curry? What are the different Indian curries you've tasted?
Hi Everyone have something different ya. Come on taste these fruits...
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Mmm yummy!
Yeah Dj, this is the most 'appetising & tastiest thread'! Emotion: smile