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my problem is that i like know if Justine can to find the thing that she love in spain.
ohh, I'm so sorry.

In Spain there are a lot of products, from chocapic to cheerios. There is no problem with that. Justine can be peaceful.

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Is it that you love the Justines in spain?
what is Justines??
Aah, the Jusines are little pigs of giunea pink and fluffy, but i think that there is one Justine only, and she is the mine!
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I must to go now , spainalex, because that i must to go search her in the school.
To tomorrow?
bye friend.

I have been in bristol, that's right the food wasn't the best thing, but it is such a beautiful town, especially in summer!!
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They say Bristol is a bit like the French Riviera. It it true?
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