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not really!!
Iwas in bristol during 3 weeks, but I never saw the ocean!!!
and downtown doesn't look like the french riviera...I am really surprised by what you said, Pieanne!!
Bristol is lovely and english charming!!!
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Emotion: tongue tied Maybe it was Torquay. Somewhere they have a micro-climate and palm-trees...
Pinewood Studios? [H]
What's that?
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I'll probably be corrected, but Pinewood studios were/are Britains biggest film studios. I think they do/did the James Bond movies, amongst many others.
Pine trees, tropical pools, movie stars, suntanned beauties .... they are there at Pinewood!
It's a very popular place for globetrotting, trendsetting Guinness pigs
Aaaah! Thanks, Mike!
trendsetting Guinness pigs

Like "Babe"?
To Amandine,

You ever been to the French Riviera, Amandine?
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yes, i have been there a couple of times
my grand mother lives there actually, close to Nice.
Do you live there?
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