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I will know if there is cereals Nestlé Chocapic at london?
That is a very good brekfast, mmm...
And too, what is it that the people in london eat the morning?
Please, thank!
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London is so cosmopolit, I am sure you can find everything you like for breakfast.
About Chocapic, I don't think they have it, but maybe a same kind of cereals (I miss the Chocapic here too, I used to have them for breakfast in France!!), but I think it is part of the experience to try sthg different. My host family in England used to eat eggs and bacon in the morning, with toasts...I know its hard for French people to imagine such a breakfast, but don't worry, you'll be able to find sthg you like!!
Amandine, you really help me!
I not undrestand all it that you say, but you are thinking there is Chocapic Nestlé at london?
Me i like eggs, but justine she eats always Chocapics Nestlé the morning. I go try to give her eggs tomorrow!
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I have give eggs to justine at brekfast, and she very sick! There is the eggs everywhere now, i must to make all clean now! I know not if justine go love london.. Emotion: sad
no I don't think they have Chocapic, but something else of the same kind..
It is because that justine see the mark on the box of the brekfast... She is at the regime now, she is very tired, she is lay on my bed and she move not very much...
You are very kind for me, amandine, it is a pity i not go at chicago!
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I'm spanish. I will recomend you to come to Spain. We have olive's oil from Andalucía, a very good meat from the north, and spectacular cereals. Furthermore, we have the best chef in the world (I don't know because I've never eat his meals) Ferrán Adriá.

Aah, spinealex, i thank you for you invitiation.
Is it that i can take justine in spain? Is it that you like them in spain? I liked to know because that it is perhaps diffucult to her take with me in london?
Well, I have a friend living in Bristol in that moment, and she says that the food it's very bad if you compare it with the spanish food. I don't know, because I have never been in England.

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