what's the difference between food and foods

also fruit and fruits ?
Food and fruit are normally uncountable in general writing and conversation. We use foods and fruits in specific discussions on nutrition, botany, pomiculture, etc.
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I'm afraid I didn't understand

I'm usually read fruits and foods

could you show me examples about them ?
AnonymousI'm usually read fruits and foods
I don't think so. If you are, you are reading non-native writing. Of course you will find people using all variations, since this is not a very important grammar concern, but the general difference is as I have already said.

Here are some examples:

Charlton served his guests coffee, tea, chocolate, and a rich array of food amid furnishings aimed at creating a refined atmosphere.

The same study found that the shelf space of energy-dense snack foods had a small positive association with BMI.

For breakfast, toss berries or dried fruit into cereal

All forms of tea contain more antioxidants than found in fruits and vegetables.