who is the best soccer player in the world
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the best footballer is lionel messi. already he is skillful
Previously; Zeindine Zidan & Maradona!

Currently: C. Ronaldo & Messi

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I am sorry to comment like this; but it is football not soccer!

So it should be: "who is the best football player in the world?!"


I think Lionel Messi is the best.
I also like Cristiano Ronaldo
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Messi & Xavi and then iniesta & ronaldo
Depends on the role from the Player !
Hi everyone,

Again I apologise if I bore you with my posts but as explained in other topics I have to make a couple of forum contributions of at least 300 words for a school assignment. This is my third and last contribution of 300 words or more.

There are a lot of players who are very good at the moment. But he players who stick out and attract the most attention have to be Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both players have incredible goalscoring statistics. But that's not the only thing thev've both got a large number of assists too. But if I have to choose one of the two I'd choose Lionel Messi. He does everything on intuition and is more of a team player. It also helps that he's a very modest person not like Ronaldo who I think is quite arrogant.

But enough about Ronaldo let's talk about Messi. Many compare him to Argentina's best player ever Diego Maradona. Especially his goal against Getafe (a great solo goal where Messi goes pas 5 defenders as if they weren't there) was very similar to the one Diego Maradona scored against England in that famous quarter final in 1986. The only difference is Maradona was 26 and at the peak of his career at the time he scored that goal. Lionel Messi is only 22 at the time of writing and he scored that very special goal one or two years ago. Since then he has become even better scoring 27 goals in 28 matches in the Primera Division this year. That's a goal average of 0,96 goals a game. And then there's the prizes he has won. Last season alone he won everything there is to win with his Barcelona. They were champions in the Primera Division, they won the national cup, they won the Champions League, they won the world cup for clubs. And on top of that Messi won the FIFA player of the year award in 2009.

The only thing that's missing is a World Cup, but he can take care of that this summer in South Africa!
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