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------------------------------------ - a website for all football lovers!

Bringing you the insightful, funny - and at all times honest - views of mad Maltese-Australian football tragic James VB. A living, breathing encyclopaedia on the world game, James VB’s writing has been described by famous Australian commentator Andy Pascalidis as AWESOME!

Fresh angles are presented in his opinions on our planet’s favourite sport. What is the difference between ‘football’ and ‘calcio’? What do Fabio Capello and Robert De Niro have in common? And how the hell did Wayne Rooney fall into the gap?

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About My Blog

Hello everyone! Since I love writing, speaking and communicating in English and trying to improve my skill day by day, I have been writing on my blog. I've not been able to contribute...

Football Match..

I like playing football very much,because it give me more pleasure and it couses to meet with my friends and spending a good day.We usually meet on friday at 15:00PM after Friday...


who is the best soccer player in the world

My Favourite Sport Game (Football)

Hi all i am new here. Was searching helps on essay and found this webby. nice one. My teacher just asked me to write an essay with the title [ my favorite sport game ]. So far...

Dutch Football

I'm from Holland and I want to know what people from other countries are thinking about the Dutch Football. Which clubs do you know, whick players do you like. You can tell everything...