Hi all.

When I mean one more time, can I say "for a second time"?

Here it is in context (from my writing on tactical turn-based games):
«Now, let's imagine the same situation with the only
difference: at the beginning of his turn, A was closer to
the shed, so when he entered it and turned around to face
the entrance, there were 44 TUs at his disposal. Again, if
he's quite lucky, he will kill B and still keep one
reaction shot on hand. Now, C won't kill A so easy,
because A will try to react for _a_ second time (22+22=44)»

TU stands for time units or action points, if it helps...

Thanks in advance!
I'd say "A will be able to react again", but well, I'm not into games Emotion: sad
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Thank you very much, it sounds better, and I'll use it in my text!

But, being interested in the grammar, I'll rephrase the question.

Is it grammatically correct to say "Do it for a second time" when one means "Do it again"?
I think, if you're talking in the past, you can use "a second time", because you know there wasn't a third time.

But, if you're talking in the present, you'd better use "again".