Hello everybody!
Can someone pls tell me which one is correct?

For the attention of Mr/Mrs
To the attention of Mr/Mrs

thank you!!!
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Well, neither is an accepted greeting for a letter nowadays, but if I had to choose one, it would be:
To the attention of Mr/Mrs
Mister Micawber, first of all thank you for your reply!
I would like to address one letter to a person. It will be sent to an organisation so I have to mention his name on the top of the letter. How do I do that without saying "To the attention of Mr "?

many thanks!
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12 June 2008

ABC Company
1212 Acropolis Street
Attn: Mr Achilles Mallias

Dear Mr Mallias:

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Mister Micawber thank you!

Greek address, good guess Emotion: smile
I was thinking of avoiding the "Dear Mr" but since the "To the attention of Mr" is oldfashioned I am going to use it eventually Emotion: smile

If I had been more thorough, I would have written Alpha Beta Gamma Company.
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exactly!!! good job Emotion: smile
It is :

For the attention of:




For the attention of ....ist richtig.
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