Floating in sensational wondrous airs,
The lesson of gods or grater mortals,
carried to me with explosive realities. The mind carried away.
If only this could last forever....

Make me one with these powers.
All is experience, in saguine monets.
pure life, pure experience.
The apex we all dream of.

these words ring true for now

It's all good.

Strive to catch the sun.

*wink and blush, life what a rushEmotion: smile
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I saw you floating in the air,
oh no, what's happening to my hair?
What do you keep in your back sit?
Let this feeling fly high!
Imagine, behind a window,
hide, behind the blinds.
Don't worry the ghost
and I are friends.

I know it needs improvement!
Hehe just a little. very nice thoughEmotion: wink
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Nothing I said
Something I was sent
disturbed the armonic bond of
love for the divine star,
What the future
holds is not in my
hands, God, you know
it's in your lands.
God be benign,
with those who adore you,
who are in your hands
who pray for you,
every night.
I feel that!

What does armonic mean?
harmonic, sorry.
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Harmonic bond.
....Atomic bomb.
Star wars,
.Tar words.
Playing games,
..Laying dames.
Why on Earth?
Who gave birth?
Mama tries,
My mind cries.
You wanted a question,
You have my answer,
What is it to you
if you are not a good dancer?
Why are you painting my landscape red?
Is your smile an answer?
Today my heart is a desert.
with no glimpse of you,
no oasis, no mirages
just the tears,
I am shedding for you.
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