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1. It was kind/nice/considerate (for him, of him) to help her in need.

2. It was sensible (for him, of him) to stay away from the suspicious bag.

In # 1 'of him' is the right choice, as the preceding adjectives are all descriptive of human nature.

In # 2, however, I personally gravitate toward 'for him,' though the preceding adjective 'sensible' is of human nature too.

I wonder what your choice would be in the # 2 sentence.

I see some possible difference in meaning here.

A. It was sensible of him to stay away from the suspicious bag.

This means the sensibleness that 'he' was a sensible guy, and that he stayed away from the bag.

B. It was sensible for him to stay away from the suspicious bag.

This seems to me to stress more that this is the speaker's opinion of the situation. It could have the same meaning as A. Or, it could continue However, he didn't agree that it was sensible, so he picked it up and it exploded.

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Adjectives that take a construct of <~ of someone to do> :nice / kind / good / generous / mean / stupid / silly / intelligent / clever /sensible / impolite / rude / unreasonable
(EX) It was very nice of him to buy me a present.
(EX) It was very mean of Susan to say that to Tom.
(EX) I'm afraid it was stupid of me to come.
(EX) That was quite sensible of Tom.
(EX) It was very polite of Peter to invite my sister to the party.
(EX) I can't believe how rude it was of Jack to shout at his daughter in front of all those people.
(EX) Don't be so hard on yourself! It's unreasonable of you to expect to understand everything immediately.
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(EX) It'll be sensible of you (=You'll be sensible) to wear sneakers for tomorrow's hiking.
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I agree with Clive. "It was sensible of him to ..." says "He was sensible to ...".
"It was sensible for him ..." says "(I think that) his staying away from the bag was a sensible thing to do".

In the first case the emphasis on the fact that he is sensible; in the second, on the fact that staying away from the bag is sensible.

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