It is difficult for him to do it.

Is there any case to say:
It is difficult to him to do it.


If so, what is the difference in nuances?

If the latter sounds wierd, then why?
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Hi, Taka,

No, there is no "It is difficult to him to ...". Sorry! Emotion: sad

It's not weird sounding. It just sounds wrong!

Emotion: smile

But 'To him it is difficult to do' is possible , isn't it?
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Hi again, Taka,

Not in my variety of English, no! Maybe others will weigh in on this, but "to ... it is difficult to ... " doesn't fall within the acceptable in my opinion.

Then, what about this one?
But to me it is possible to duplicate a short phrase w/o ever hearing it before.

Just a by-the-way.

This is what I've heard before from a native speaker.

1. For/To me the problem is difficult.
In this sentence, both 'for' and 'to' is possible, but 'for' is much more natural.

2. For/To me the problem is difficult to solve.
In this sentence, when an action is involved, only 'for' is the correct choice.

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"But to me it is possible to duplicate a short phrase w/o ever hearing it before."

I looked at that site, and now I understand better what you are talking about.

The quoted material is not saying "I can duplicate a short phrase without ever hearing it before". It is not saying "For me it is possible to duplicate ..." nor "It is possible for me to duplicate ...", which amounts to the same thing.

It is saying "In my opinion it is possible for [one / someone / a person] to duplicate a short phrase ...". Both the position in the sentence and the use of "to" instead of "for" contribute to the difference.

It is difficult for me to understand this concept. (I experience the difficulty.)
To me it is difficult (for anyone) to understand this concept. (People in general experience the difficulty, in my opinion.)

To me ( Emotion: smile ) this is not the best way to express the idea "in my opinion".

Hello Jandi

I think 'To me, the problem is difficult' is used by some speakers as an ellipsis of "As to me, the problem is difficult". Also I feel someone might say "To me, it is impossible to V" as an ellipsis of "It seems to me it is impossible to V". Anyway I don't think these kinds of ellipsis are not formalized in English.

Enjoy sansuyu flowers.

Hello, Paco.

Thank you as always.
And ... How do you know 'sansuyu'? Is it Japanese also?

I hope you are always well and happy.
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