Hi all,

I have some questions about the usage of to-infinitive:

(1) What would be the differences between ' I'm going to Spain to learn Spanish ' and ' I'm going to Spain for learning Spanish ' ?

(2) Which would be grammatical? 'I have a place to live' vs. 'I have a place to live in'

If the first sentence is correct, why should the preposition be included in the sentence like ' I have a chair to sit on' or 'I have a pen to write with'?

Thanks for your answers in advance!!

1. Only I'm going to Spain to learn Spanish is right. For learning Spanish could be used in a sentence like: This is a good book for learning Spanish.
2. In theory, the preposition is needed since live can't be used as a transitive verb: He lives a place. We have to say: He lives in a place. In practice, many people omit the preposition and say: I have a place to live.