By the time children are six, they know two hundred brand names. They will be loyal to many of them for life.


Is it correct to see "for life" as "throughout/in their life?" Thanks.
The meaning here is "for the rest of their lives." Like little ducklings, the kids have been imprinted with these brand names and will buy them until they die. "Throughout their lives" and "in their lives" don't have the same sense of unbroken continuity.
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Your post is great, very easy to understand for me, Delmobile.
I am not the person who threw the question but if I am allowed to ask may I ask...
What is the difference between "Throughout their lives" and "in their lives"?
The difference is too subtle for me at the moment.

I am sorry if I am disturbing this topic but I just wondered and wated to ask...

Thank you,
I would say that "throughout their lives" refers to something that happened repeatedly, if perhaps infrequently, while "in their lives" doesn't have any sense of repetition over time - it could be something that happened contstantly, or only once.

In my life, my greatest influence has always been books.
The most exciting thing to happen in my life was a hot-air balloon ride I took when I was thirteen.

Throughout their lives, they would remember the horrible events of that day.
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Dear Delmobile,
Thank you so much for your explanation!
You solved my problem just like that! [Y]

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