A day like any other

Is what today seems to be

Until I turn on the news

On channel twenty-three.

The scene that confronts me

Is shockingly true

Blood is the only colour

Splashed in all its gory hue.

Explosions of terror

Just render countless dead

Life for some

means only bloodshed.

Laughter turns to tears

In just a brief while

Why do terror and destruction

Make some smile?

With solemn hearts

We silently pray

For the victims of destiny

Who have tragically gone away.

We pray that the ones

Who have taken the lives of so many

Learn to honour peace

Live and let live in harmony.
Thank you for your thoughts, Benita. The form you have chosen is perhaps not quite right for the sentiment, but I certainly appreciate the sentiment.
Hi abbie! I still do have a long long way to go in writing good poetry & agree that this one could have turned out better! Maybe next time -for the poetry of course! Emotion: smile
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Hi Benita

Thank you for your poem, I like it very much. I can sense your heartfelt sorrow in every line.

John from England
i like it.Emotion: smile