When I want a meaningless fling ranging to fuck buddy I can find a guy to screw but then all the sudden they are deeply infatuated with me & I can't, frankly, stand them as a person for more than the drunken conversation over beers & sex talk.

"For more than the drunken conversation"? "drunken conversation" is that correct????????? It doesn't seem correct to me.
AlexandreAnother"drunken conversation" is that correct??
Yes. It's conversation between participants who are drunk.

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Is drunken conversation is taken as a specific lenght of time or just an action?
I often hear things like "I cant stand him for more than 15 min 1 hour 1 day" and so on but I never hear I can't stand him for a conversation. Is conversation taken as a duration?
AlexandreAnotherIs conversation taken as a duration?
It's implied. Yes.

He's OK for the time it takes to converse with him, but after that, I can't stand him.

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Thank you I have been really puzzled