Please, i have an exercise but the answers aren't writen, so i put a tick at my answer and i tried to correct but i'm not sure, Thank you

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Hi, meli. Welcome to English Forums. Thanks for joining us! [<:o)]
Unfortunately, your exercise is not legible on my screen. Perhaps you can think of another way to present it.

Best wishes, - A.
is it better? thank you for your welcoming ( try to clic under my text)
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Sorry. I replied, but my post got OOOooopsed!

The print is now perfectly legible - the letters are huge!

I can read all the answers. Unfortunately, the sentences are chopped off at about midpoint.

Are you seeing the same screen that I'm seeing?

Perhaps someone else knows how to deal with this. But keep trying!Emotion: smile
I think, you have to do a "right clic" ( i don't how the right translation in english) and record the picture on your pc...
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nobody to help me?
i have changed the way to get pictures, is it better?
Now all I have is this message: Sorry you do not have the correct version of java installed.

In earlier iterations, you presented two sizes of print: way too small, and way too big. Can you try somethng in between?
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