After bidding farewell to Mother, my mind was over crowded, and it was kind of 'action replay'in my mind, and these words came out......................


I know that...................

I know that someday I’ll get
used to the fact that we’re
not together any more.
And that maybe we won’t be...
ever again.

Time will tell.
In the meantime, though,
you may be away from my life,
but you will never be
very far from my heart.
I know the love will never leave.

There are too many memories;
there were so many precious moments
and wonderful times; of tears and of joys
to ever try to forget...
for the rest of my days,

How you helped me find
my first step, my first word,
some happiness and some truths and
how you opened some beautiful doors
and how you protected me from the harshness of life

I’ll never forget
that I am an extension of your life
how good it was
to share a part of my life
with yours.


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A nice one.
That's really sad. Deep. One of the best things you can do right now is what you have just done. Write your feelings, get them out.
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Yeah, Sur, write it out. It maybe good as a therapy. But try to write about something you think might interest others. 'cause you don't write for yourself, do you? And don't use commonplaces. Sorry for the tough criticism but I 'm sure people who post want a critical feedback.Emotion: smile
Peter, teaching doesn't mean knowledge but action. Can you give us an example of "action?" Do you really think your comments or attitudes reflect this action that you have in your motto? I wish I could see some action coming from you. Lol. (a)
Don't bullsh... me Maj. A poem must have a rhythm, melody, images, meaning, feeling, ideas, etc. As the critic of the Forum I must point out the bad things of a posted poem, so that poets can learn. This is it: Action. Write better, or forget it. Write a song, sing a song, have a nap, have a KitKat.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
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I know exactly what you mean and I agree with you but don't you think that there are times when somebody may need some other kind of comments. By the way, actions speak louder than words. I am personally waiting for some "action" and "words" coming from you. I am not very inspired today I'm afraid, but do you see what I mean?.[6]
No, I don't.Emotion: embarrassed
Thanks pieter for your comments, and critical comments are always welcome, reason is simple, it shows your errors, which you may not see. right !
well 'commonplaces' yes, but can you deny the feelings for your 'mother' same way what i feel or may be maj will feel or anybody will feel ? 'mother' isn't a universal concept ? and so this is not only for me or for the therapy purpose or not only for off loading my sentiments or feelings. but any child would feel same way, don't you agree ?
sorry for the 'tough answer'
and i would like to thanks all my friends for their messages. [F] [F]
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