what is the difference in meaning of the two phrases? or is there any difference at all?

1. i'll be busy FOR THE NEXT MONTH OR SO.

i'll be busy IN THE NEXT MONTH OR SO.

2. I dont see myself getting FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS.
I dont see myself getting IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS.

>>>> which is the better preposition to use in the two sentences above? for or in? or both acceptable?
The meanings are similar, but 'for' suggests throughout the time period, while 'in' suggests that it is only for a portion of the time period. Your #2 sentences carry no meaning.
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oh i meant to say I don't see myself getting MARRied for the/next five years.

so, may i just clarify?

both are acceptable to use, right?

Dear Sir,

I would like to know which of the following sentences are correct.

I will come only on next month.

I will come only in next month

Thanking you

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